Yankess Snap Back Hat

Lucas always has a cool cake idea for his birthday and this year was no different.


I know kids these days keep the bill flat, but I also went back and added the “sticker” with his happy birthday message. I’m still bummed I didn’t take a photo after I added that — or a pic of the snap back!

Golf Cake

Preston wanted to celebrate his 6th birthday at Top Golf, so we had to make sure he had a super cute golf cake!


Grammy Cake

Raven planned the most epic 1920s-themed surprise party and this Grammy cake was the perfect dessert for her guests.


Fall Pumpkin Cake

The fondant pumpkins on this cake are so cute and scream fall. But the cinnamon cake with cinnamon buttercream is what really takes it to the next level!


*Special* Cat Cake

Lori has been involved with ordering some of the most creative cakes I’ve made this year: she ordered a Daily Dougie Cake for her mom, and then her boyfriend that awesome pizza cake for her this summer.

If y’all know me at all, you know I freaking love cats. When told me that their cat, Spaz, poops on all of her boyfriend’s things, and wanted to keep the joke going with his birthday cake, I was totally on board!


Here’s a high five for all of those out of the (cat) box cake ideas!

Unicorn Katie

Katie’s best friend (a fellow 5 year old) gave her this adorable unicorn cake for her birthday. I’m pretty certain that’s the best gift you can give someone!



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