Crowd Funding Progress

As of April 18th, we’ve raised $5,745 of our $10,000 goal. Click HERE to help! We just added a $25 gift card option, too.

Huge thank you to these people for their support in opening the new Rach Makes Cakes location:

Tracey H.
Edie D.
Amanda N.
Sandeep V.
Lindsey W.
Teresa R.
Teddy G.
Ann B.
Lindsay S.
Kelly G.
Kathy S.
Ron G.
Katie E.
Debbie & Robbie R.
Janice O.
Heather G.
Amy B.
Jess L.
Sandra K.
Annie T.
Matt W.
Blake T.
Kristopher H.
Danielle B.
Rachel K.
Kyle K.
Sydney F.
Travis M.

Gift cards ($25, $50 & $100), tshirts, and classes on on sale HERE! Don’t forget, when you buy a gift card now, I’ll add an extra 5% to the card’s balance.

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