1st Cake Class – Photos

Over the weekend, I taught my first class. P, and her son J, watch a lot of Cake Boss, and wanted some instruction on how to cover a cake in fondant.

Before class, I baked, leveled and iced 2 six inch cakes. When P and J arrived, I gave a quick demo and then let them get started right away.

They covered their cakes in fondant, attached the cakes to their bases and then used the airbrush to get the all-over color they wanted.

They spent the rest of the class being creative, adding finishing touches and decor. I’m so pleased with how they turned out!

P went with bright colors and a flower design:


J, age 8, turned his cake into a fall scene complete with a pumpkin and a tree losing its leaves:


They said they had a great time and I think they decorated two beautiful cakes!

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