Splatter Paint Cake

This splatter paint cake was the perfect dessert for an 80s-Prom-themed 50th birthday.


I just love how this turned out. The best part is how easy this was to decorate. I covered the cakes in black fondant and then drizzled royal icing from a spoon (scroll down for the recipe). It’s just as easy as it sounds, too!

splatter how to

As you can see, the biggest drawback to this design is how messy it gets. Before I got started, I covered my table in plastic wrap. While I was slinging icing, I used my airbrush back drop (not pictured) to catch some of it before it hit the floor. Word of warning for all of the home bakers out there: icing WILL get on your floor, so if you’re in a carpeted room, or have super nice hardwoods, you might want to put a drop cloth on the floor before you begin.

Royal Icing Recipe:
2 large egg whites (or 5 tbs meringue powder)
4 cups powdered sugar (I use 10x, so there’s no need to sift it)
Roughly 1/2 cup water

Slowly add the powdered sugar to the eggs (or meringue powder). Slowly add the water until you reach the desired consistency. I recommend using a mixer for this.

For this project, you want the icing to have the same consistency as paint. I divided mine into three bowls, added gel color until I reached the desired shade and then added a tad more water to get the right consistency. You’ll have enough icing to decorate a 4th and 5th tier, also, if you need it.

(For my cake, I scraped off some of the splatters at the bottom of each tier so my fondant ribbon would lay flat.)

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