What’s a smash cake?

Some of you may have wondered, what’s a smash cake? Basically, it’s a special, small cake for a baby to smash all over his or her face at their first birthday party. In recent years, clients have started ordering smash cakes to use as a prop for first birthday portraits.

For Scarlett’s first birthday photoshoot, her mom ordered this darling cake:

Light Pink Roses Smash

It’s adorable right? How could a tiny cake with light pink roses get any cuter? Do what Jen did: add a sweet back drop, beautiful cake stand, and one gorgeous baby:


The goal is for your baby to be covered in cake and icing, but it looks like Scarlett wasn’t in the mood to get messy.

Photo Credit: Jen Baggett Photography. Stop by Jen’s Facebook page and check out her other pictures — they’re awesome!

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