Lego Head

I made this cake for a very special 9 year old.  Honestly, I love getting emails from his mom about cakes for anyone in their family because they’re always extremely creative.  When he wanted a cake for his Lego party, I suggested a traditional yellow Lego head.  The birthday boy really liked the idea, but wanted something just a bit different.  I affectionately refer to it as “Mean Lego Head.”

This cake was made of three 6″ round layers of vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.  I covered the cake in black fondant and used white fondant for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  I attached the facial features using a small amount of piping gel.  The nubby-thing on top of the head is just a little bit of foam covered in fondant.

So what did the birthday boy think?  I’ll use his words, “This…is…awesome.”


  1. YOU are awesome!

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