A Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday

My friend, Lauren, planned a Yo Gabba Gabba party for her son’s second birthday.  I’ve seen Noah dance to the songs so I knew I needed to make a great cake for him.  Lauren asked me to watch the “Birthday” episode to find some inspiration for the cake.  I came up with a few different ideas, but I went with this one:

In that particular episode, they make a cake for the birthday guy, Brobee, and it looks like him.  So I created my interpretation of the show’s cake.

I baked a 10″ square cake and used that for the upper part of his body.  I then added rice cereal treat arms and legs.  For the stripes and zig zags, I just piped buttercream and made the eyes, mouth and uni-brow out of fondant.

Be sure to visit Lauren’s blog to check out the rest of Noah’s Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party.

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