Ballerina Slipper Cupcakes

I think ballerinas (of all ages) would love to celebrate any occasion with cupcakes like this:

These are butter-almond cupcakes with creamy raspberry filling and almond buttercream.  Here’s a quick summary of how I decorated them:

  • Make a stencil out of parchment paper in the shape of the slipper.
  • Roll out a small piece of white gumpaste and then roll it through the pasta roller (setting number 1, then again on number 3).
  • Cut out the desired number of ballet slippers.
  • Allow them to dry on a piece of soft foam.
  • Using colored dusting powder mixed with a small amount of vodka, paint the sides and laces/ribbons of the slipper.
  • Dry completely.
  • Starting at the outer edge of the cupcake, use a pastry bag fitted with a tip #10, and pipe your icing in a circular, swirling motion.
  • Place the slipper on top before the icing has a chance to crust over.

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