That’s all you’ve been hearing around here lately.  Crickets.  Before I get started with my post, let me apologize for my absence…I’m sorry.

Here’s the short version of what’s been going on: after we got back from Colorado, we started some major home improvement projects.  Because we won’t be able to sell our house for another couple of years, we’ve decided to make it somewhere we really WANT to live and make it more us.  I have an iron in the fire right now and I hope it turns into a huge piece of fabulous news in the next day or so.  Trust me, if that happens, you’ll know about it.

A few friends started calling right when we got back because they were cravin’ some of my cake.

My old high school buddy and his wife asked me to make a cake for their son’s first birthday party.  Actually, I made their daughter’s first birthday cake four years ago.  There’s nothing like a friend’s kid getting older to make me feel old.  Here’s what I whipped up for Carson:

Sports Cake for a 1st Birthday

I iced the cake in blue buttercream, made the balls and stars out of gumpaste, and piped the text with a tip #4.  The smash cake is all buttercream.  His dad is a huge sports’ fan and I know the little guy will follow right in his footsteps.

My BFF, Erin just celebrated her birthday, so when her husband called and asked if I would make a cake for the occasion, I knew he would ask for something cool.  Erin loves pickles.  I mean LOVES them.

Pickle Cake

And no, it wasn’t pickle-flavored.  I made sure that it was her favorite flavor: butter almond cake with creamy raspberry filling.  Everyone at the party loved it.

To begin, I made the board that the pickle is sitting on and cut the eyes and mouth out of fondant.  As I mentioned in the fondant video, I like to use the pre-colored Satin Ice fondant for red and black.  I’m telling you, it’s a huge time-saver .  Next, I stacked three layers of cake (with filling in between) and used the board as a template for the curve of the pickle.  Then I went back with my serrated knife and made the top “corners” round.  After I covered it in fondant, I used a bit of clear vanilla to attach the pickle’s bumps.  I didn’t want a solid green pickle so I sponged on a light coat of Leaf Green (thinned with vodka) first, let it dry and then added lines of Moss Green (thinned with vodka) with a paint brush to give it more dimension.  For the finishing touches, I attached the mouth and eyes and then decorated the cake base.

I’m so anxious to start making videos again, but my little “production studio” isn’t finished yet.  Don’t worry, it’ll be well worth the wait.  In the mean time, I’m trying to line up a couple of guest posts for y’all.

In case you’re wondering, here are links to the green colors and red fondant that I used on the pickle cake:

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