30 Days To A Better Cake: Day 16 – Decorating The Cake Base

Are you tired of every cake base having the same old silver/gold covering? I like to decorate mine to match the cake.

For your convenience, here are links to some of the things I use when decorating the cake base:


  1. Crickets says:

    […] To begin, I made the board that the pickle is sitting on and cut the eyes and mouth out of fondant.  As I mentioned in the fondant video, I like to use the pre-colored Satin Ice fondant for red and black.  I’m telling you, it’s a huge time-saver .  Next, I stacked three layers of cake (with filling in between) and used the board as a template for the curve of the pickle.  Then I went back with my serrated knife and made the top “corners” round.  After I covered it in fondant, I used a bit of clear vanilla to attach the pickle’s bumps.  I didn’t want a solid green pickle so I sponged on a light coat of Leaf Green (thinned with vodka) first, let it dry and then added lines of Moss Green (thinned with vodka) with a paint brush to give it more dimension.  For the finishing touches, I attached the mouth and eyes and then decorated the cake base. […]

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