620 Glen Iris Drive #108 Atlanta GA 30308

We’ll be open tomorrow (Monday May 9th) 10am-3pm so come say hi! I’ll have cupcakes, cake pops, and my semi-famous chocolate chip cookies.

Limited Edition Tshirt Design

Our pal, Blake, designed this rad logo for our limited edition tshirts:


Head over to and get one while you still can!

Crowd Funding Progress

As of April 18th, we’ve raised $5,745 of our $10,000 goal. Click HERE to help! We just added a $25 gift card option, too.

Huge thank you to these people for their support in opening the new Rach Makes Cakes location:

Tracey H.
Edie D.
Amanda N.
Sandeep V.
Lindsey W.
Teresa R.
Teddy G.
Ann B.
Lindsay S.
Kelly G.
Kathy S.
Ron G.
Katie E.
Debbie & Robbie R.
Janice O.
Heather G.
Amy B.
Jess L.
Sandra K.
Annie T.
Matt W.
Blake T.
Kristopher H.
Danielle B.
Rachel K.
Kyle K.
Sydney F.
Travis M.

Gift cards ($25, $50 & $100), tshirts, and classes on on sale HERE! Don’t forget, when you buy a gift card now, I’ll add an extra 5% to the card’s balance.

Cake Starter Campaign

Welcome to my official Cake Starter! We’re in the middle of opening a store front for Rach Makes Cakes in the heart of Atlanta and we made this video to help spread the word. To help raise money, we’re selling tshirts, gift cards, and cake classes. Check it out:

This campaign will run from March 7th – April 18th, and during that time, we hope to raise $10,000 to offset a portion of the initial cost of construction and equipment. So if you’re planning on buying a cake after the store is open, go ahead and buy your gift card now!

Elmo Cake and Sesame Street Cupcakes


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Teepee Baby Shower Cake


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